Anti-Bullying Campaign Reminds Parents What It’s Like to Be Bullied

In the world of adults, most name-calling happens behind your back. It’s a far cry from the much more direct approach that school bullies are fond of, in which they spew verbal venom directly at a victim’s face, and possibly follow it up with shoving. A new campaign from the Ad Council aims to remind parents of this important distinction.

Created by DDB NY, the anti-bullying campaign is a broad effort to reach parents and recruit them in the effort to make school a more peaceful place. Rather than just educate them on the dangers of bullying, though, the goal is for parents to teach their kids to be more vigilant about saying something when other kids are being bullied and a campaign site offers them information on doing so.

The wording in the print effort is stark and brutal. “You are ugly,” one version says. “Everyone hates you,” reads another. These epithets are meant to remind parents of how blatant and ruthless children can be, and the effect their behavior has on whoever it’s directed toward.

Global media agency, Carat, developed a strategic communications approach and secure donated media inventory for the Bullying Prevention Campaign. Leveraging their relationships in TV, Print and Digital, Carat’s activation teams were able to secure targeted, high-profile media space for year one of the campaign. Additionally, celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, and Marlo Thomas are speaking out on behalf of the campaign.

Watch an ad for the campaign below.