See GIFs Elevated To Art

As GIFs have continued their steady march toward ubiquity, they’ve become more legitimate tools for expression and even grand artistic statements. Now they will also have the credibility of an exhibition in Miami Art Week.

Moving the Still is a GIF Festival that is currently seeking submissions of the most creative and interesting examples of the medium. Liz Lemon reaction shots from 30 Rock need not apply.

Online art hub Paddle8 is curating the exhibition, which will open during Miami Art Week in December. Together with Chief Council Member Johnny Misheff , Paddle8 has assembled a diverse, cross-industrial Selection Council to select representative GIFS for the exhibition, including musician MIchael Stipe, fashion director Nicola Formichetti, and author James Frey.

Along with SmartWater, Tumblr is one of the sponsors, which is fitting, given that Tumblr is practically ground zero for the proliferation of GIFs. Submissions will remain open until November 7th on the Moving The Still blog. Have a look at some of the most eye-catching entries in the slide show above.