George Clooney’s Ad Bride Continues Getting Lucky In Latest For DNB

As though in an effort to remind pretty boy Brad Pitt that he’s not the only one on the A-list who can be prevailed upon to appear in commercials, George Clooney is back for the continuing saga of Norwegian bank DnB.

Created as ever by hot two-in-one agency Try/Apt Oslo, the new ad maintains the series’ stated aim to show how those of us who aren’t born lucky might save up in order to get ahead (with DnB bank, of course). As a counterpoint, the ads feature a random woman who appears to be living a charmed life, having woken up one morning married to perhaps the world’s most eligible bachelor.

In the new ad, our heroine’s hot streak continues apace, and this time, pirates are involved.

Watch the new ad above, and the previous entries in this campaign below.