• 10.24.12

Assassin’s Creed 3 Taps Artists To Help Rock The Vote

Ubisoft teams with a group of artists to represent Assassin’s Creed III–for the benefit of Rock the Vote.

Ubisoft has explored several chapters of history in its Assassin’s Creed series–the first game took place in the Middle East during the Crusades and AC II and its sequels Brotherhood and Revelations depict Renaissance Italy. But for Assassin’s Creed III, players finds themselves in America during the Revolution. With such a patriotic setting, in an election year, it seemed perfectly natural for Ubisoft to partner with Rock the Vote. Stone Chin, the PR manager for Assassin’s Creed, says, “We saw some great parallel themes behind what was happening during the Revolution in terms of empowerment and what Rock the Vote is doing by encouraging young Americans to vote. “


The company commissioned contemporary artists to create work based on ACIII and its Revolution theme. “We knew that there were a number of artists who loved the art style of the game,” says Chin. “If you look at the variety of artwork, you can see that these artists definitely took our creative guidelines and ran in different directions.” The art ranges from a Wanted poster by Artek and a stylized logo by Mark Dean Veca, to character art by Ariel Erestingcol and several variations of the American flag.

All of the artwork was used in a traveling exhibition, “Art of the Assassin,” and on October 23, an auction on eBay was launched, allowing the public to buy the AC art. The proceeds will go to the Rock the Vote organization, to help fund the organization’s goal of registering America’s youth to vote. Take a look at the various representations of Assassin’s Creed III created by artists in the slide show above.

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