Glowing Gas Stations Transform Dying Car Infrastructure Into Art

At two iconically 1980s gas stations in an Amsterdam neighborhood, the lights may be on, but nobody’s lining up to get gas.

Set to be demolished, the stations ended up being transformed into a recreational center as part of a neighborhood development project that included removing part of a subway and creating a new park around the stations.

But the project’s creative repurposing of the gas stations didn’t stop there. Architect Sophie Valla was brought in to turn them into a permanent light sculpture, installing LED lights on the stations’ roofs that shine through pieces of textile, lighting up the plaza where locals can gather.

“The roof is reproducing different Dutch skies with all [their] nuances: 20 different atmospheres including sunrise, storms, and cloudy skies,” writes the architect in her statement. Every 30 minutes, the light animations morph into something new, to re-create different weather scenarios. Parkgoers can hang out on lawn furniture set up underneath the flickering lights. The result is an anomaly–a gas station that you actually want to hang out at.ZS