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“Monsters University” Schools You On How Movie Tie-In Websites Should Look

The sequel to Pixar hit “Monsters, Inc.” is coming soon, but you can bone up on it right now with the super educational “Monsters University” website.

“Monsters University” Schools You On How Movie Tie-In Websites Should Look

The curriculum this fall at Monsters University is heavy on Science, Engineering, Business, and Scaring–the four pillars of the school’s educational foundation. Although this university does not actually exist, except in the forthcoming Pixar film Monsters University, its website is certainly real enough.

The sequel to the Billy Crystal- and John Goodman-voiced hit Monsters, Inc. takes our heroes back to the classroom, and appropriately enough, Pixar has rolled out a university website that cleaves delightfully to the typical collegiate package. In addition to the Faculty, Admissions, and Coursework sections, there are also the standard “photos” of young students lounging on the grass, thoughtfully perusing a textbook. Only, in this case, that student is a purple monster.

Among the other highlights of the site–a campus map reveals the lay of the land in Monstropolis, a News section has a scientific study on whether having two heads is better than having one, and apparently even the monster-verse can’t avoid frat boys. Also, the student policies section teaches Basic Monster Respect, asking students not to judge each other by color of fur, and to allow for quiet studying (although “noise can sometimes not be avoided (e.g., roaring, shrieking), it should be the exception not the rule.”)

Of course, there is at least one part of the website that’s fully functional. You can pick up Monsters University shirts and other gear at The MU Store.

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