“What’s The Mystery?” And Other Mysterious Questions Brad Pitt Asks For Chanel

Presumably, Doug Pitt was unavailable.

It may have taken a reported $7M to persuade him, but Brad Pitt is officially the first male celebrity to break the glass ceiling and appear in a Chanel No. 5 ad. The perfume’s illustrious commercial history has included appearances by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman over the past 91 years, but no Robert Redfords or Warren Beattys.

Although the first real fruits of this partnership won’t be on display until October 15th, when a Joe Wright-directed ad is released, Chanel is celebrating their coup with a short series of inquisitive teasers. With his back to the camera, but his unmistakable voice front and center, the golden-haired star has a series of vaguely existential questions.

Watch all of the teasers above.JB