• 10.08.12

Steve Jobs’ Early Years Get A Music Video Treatment

An unusual, musical look at the formative years of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs’ Early Years Get A Music Video Treatment

What if Steve Jobs had never developed that early interest in computers and gadgets that would lead to Apple? What if, instead, his passions coalesced around.. actual apples?


Director Ryan Patrick started to entertain such a dark, twisted fantasy in a new video for Swedish band Miike Snow, but then realized that some computing or design deity would have to intervene to set Jobs on his true path.

“The idea for the video stemmed from reading Steve’s biography,” says Patrick, who explored the realm of childhood dreams previously in Cut Copy’s “Take Me Over.” “There was so much fascinating information in there about Steve’s eating habits. Eating carrots until he turned orange, frutitarianism, etc. I began to think that, if he wanted to, Steve could have been a cook and been damn good at it.”

And so, in the video for “Pretender,” we get a look at life on the “Jobs family farm in Cupertino, CA,” and see a young, and then young adult, Steve exploring a fascination with apples and baking. But the specter of electronic gadgets is ever-present, in the form of vaguely menacing wires, wire-snakes and other creatures who will lead young Jobs away from the orchard.

“When I started to wonder what that reality (of Jobs being a cook) might be like, I thought, wait, then we wouldn’t have iPhones. I love my iPhone. Destiny needs to intervene here,” says Patrick. “So the wire that Steve sees in his apple is destiny intervening. The seed then gives birth to this creature that eventually drives him away from cooking and to computers. The monsters show Steve what he needs to do next: Build the MacIntosh computer.”

Watch the video to see an interpretation of Jobs’ life that you won’t find in Isaacson’s (or any other) book.

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