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Tribute to Amateur Boxing Club, The Fitzroy Lodge, Packs an Emotional Punch

A new video about the history and present state of London’s famed amateur boxing club, The Fitzroy Lodge, shows the value of teaching discipline and control, along with how to knock somebody out.

Tribute to Amateur Boxing Club, The Fitzroy Lodge, Packs an Emotional Punch

The club may have an unofficial slogan that echoes West Side Story, but you probably wouldn’t want to tell that to one of its members. “Once you’re a Lodge fighter, you’re always a Lodge fighter” has been the refrain of many a pugilist who cut his teeth in South London’s legendary amateur boxing club The Fitzroy Lodge since it opened over 100 years ago. Now the esteemed fighting facility has received a stirring tribute thanks to Port Magazine, Mother London and Bosh.

For its Autumn issue, Port Magazine paid tribute to the volunteer-run, donation-supported boxing institution with a short film directed by Anthony Austin. Created by Mother London’s in-house production unit, Bosh, Fitzroy Lodge is a stirring documentary showing what the club does, in practical terms, and everything it has stood for over the past century. In stately black-and-white, the film captures the literal sweat of hard-working kids as they train, and the testimony of fully grown adults who have learned discipline, honor, and how to be who they are at the Fitzroy Lodge. The club was founded by a surgeon in 1908 in an effort to get kids off the street, and many fighters who learned how to box there as kids continue frequenting the place to this day.

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