Xbox’s “Fable” Has Hex Appeal; Lets You Destroy Websites

Sure, okay, mastering the dangerous magic of Xbox’s Fable: The Journey may not have many practical applications in real life. However, players do have an opportunity now to exercise their wizardly ways outside of the game itself.

Web Hexer is a bookmarklet that lets aspiring Harry Potters use their powers for mischief. Created by agency AKQA, the experience invokes fire, lightning, and other spells to wreak havoc on websites that suck. Fans need merely go to Fable‘s dedicated web page, where they’ll be greeted by a weathered book of spells. Dragging the wax seal from the open book into the toolbar unlocks the web-obliterating power of Fable‘s hexes. After that, any time players find a website unsatisfactory for any reason, they have the option to reduce it to so much flaming rubble.

There’s a gaming element as well. Players earn up to 30 shareable badges, including six elite ones, by destroying certain gaming and tech sites. Whoever gets the highest score on the Internet will be named “Wizard of the Web” and win the respect of his or her peers.

Watch a short video about Fable’s hexing power below.