• 10.04.12

James Franco, Stuart Weitzman And San Antonio Band Girl In A Coma Go Out “Walking After Midnight”

James Franco directs Petra Nemcova to saunter in Stuart Weitzman footwear to the beat of a Patsy Cline cover by Girl in a Coma.

James Franco, Stuart Weitzman And San Antonio Band Girl In A Coma Go Out “Walking After Midnight”

In part one of a just-released, four-part “film” directed by James Franco for shoe brand Stuart Weitzman, model Petra Nemcova puts one foot in front of the other to the beat of “Walking After Midnight,” the Patsy Cline classic, as covered by indie trio Girl in a Coma.


The new video is pretty different from the cover song’s official video, which was directed by Girl in a Coma’s bassist, Jenn Alva, in 2010. Alva’s version had the San Antonio threesome rocking out, Selena style, along with some Tex-Mex burlesque dancers. “It’s a sexy song, so you have to have someone good looking,” says Alva.

She appreciates Franco’s take. “His is a little more literal. She’s walking, and it’s after midnight. But I think it’s great. I like girls, so I’m checking out the girl, but after a while I’m checking out the shoes, which is the whole point.”

Mostly Alva is psyched for the exposure the Franco-Weitzman project could give. “You might have this 14-year-old girl who’s into fashion and shoes, and she watch this and go, ‘Where is this song coming from?’ And learn about Patsy Cline. Everyone should know of Patsy Cline, she’s a legend.”

Or, for that matter, Girl in a Coma. “It’s hard to market a band like us,” says Alva, by which she means it’s hard to market three girls who play eclectic music and have a devoted lesbian following (Alva and drummer Phanie Diaz are lesbians, while Diaz’s sister, singer Nina, is straight).

The three of them are heading out on tour again soon, swinging through the south and southwest, with a stop in New York City for a free concert at Lincoln Center on October 25. Maybe they’ll even be wearing some Weitzmans. “I don’t know,” says Alvarez, who’s most comfortable in Doc Martens, Vans and Converse. “Nina could probably rock the shit out of any of those pairs.” Then again, she says, “Nina tends to wear Docs, too.”

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