Is Anyone In Your Life As Worthy Of Your Love As HBO Go? New Spots Say No

Spots created by BBDO New York stress–in a lighthearted way–that nobody loves you like HBO GO.

What are you really getting out of the relationships you have with the people and the pets in your life? As much as they give, is it enough?


You may find yourself wondering after watching a series of new commercials for HBO GO. Created by BBDO New York and directed by Aaron Stoller of Biscuit Filmworks, the spots are designed to inform viewers that subscribing to HBO allows them free access to HBO GO and the ability to stream their favorite HBO programming anywhere at anytime.

“Nobody loves you like HBO GO” is the purposely intense tagline.

There are a total of four spots in the campaign. One titled “Grandma” finds a young man sitting by his grandmother’s bedside in a hospital room. He is staring at his iPad, checking out HBO GO when we begin to hear him voice his inner thoughts. “Wow, HBO GO lets me watch, like, every episode of my favorite shows whenever I want,” he muses.

“And it wouldn’t mind that I didn’t visit it the other day because I’d been here every other day for the last three months, and it would understand that I was really looking forward to that paintball tournament, and it’s not immature… It’s actually really good cardio.”

The darkly funny spot ends with the guy resenting his grandma and even snatching one of the pillows out from under her head for the back of his chair.

Another commercial called “Dog” centers on a schlubby-looking dude standing in a park with his pooch. The dog is undoubtedly this man’s best friend and the sole reason he meets women out of his league, according to the spot’s narrator. But as the guy is staring at his iPhone he comes to the realization–with the help of the narrator–that “as irreplaceable as he seems, your dog will never, ever stream every episode of your favorite shows Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones like HBO GO will for you.”


The other spots in the campaign depict a baby pondering his relationship with his mother and a man analyzing his bond with his fiancée. Watch them in the slide show above.

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