They Didn’t Build That: The 11 Best Unapproved Ads From Election 2012

Given the cavalier attitude toward (some would say contempt for) facts demonstrated in the run-up to Decision 2012, it’s hard to know anything for sure about the current campaigns. But we can be fairly confident about two things about the upcoming presidential election: who Sarah Silverman is voting for and that the best politically themed creativity hasn’t come from the parties actually involved in the election.

Silverman, who’s fronted a handful of much-viewed ads for Obama, has plenty of company in the field of creative political content this election season.

It’s a tight presidential contest and creative types with opinions on who to vote for have not exactly been shy about voicing them in an attempt to activate others.

And while the candidates are consumed by raising money for TV advertising, the battle for hearts and minds is largely waged on the Internet, which is where most political messages (especially satirical ones) eventually end up. Considering that this is only the second election cycle since YouTube was a thing (hardly seems possible, right?), it’s interesting to see the impact of such messages, and whether a creative campaign message that achieves Internet fame translates to results on Election Day.

Have a look through the slide show above for some of the most engaging, entertaining, and effective examples of political creativity so far this election season. Don’t consider any of these official Co.Create endorsements, unless that prospect makes you upset, in which case, please vent your frustration in the comments.JB