I Drink Your Milk! Shake Up Your Dairy Consumption With Cravendale’s Epic Straws

Somewhere around the bendy straw, we as a society seem to have lost our will to innovate. At least when it came to straws. A new campaign from U.K. milk company Cravendale, however, is picking up the thread (or straw, if you will) in an epic way.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy London, Cravendale’s “epic straws” are wonderfully complicated straw implements, complete with tiny pipe-fitting corners, designed to drink milk from a distance, and not necessarily with permission. The latest cartons of Cravendale milk come with secret codes enmeshed within the label; collect and send in 10 of them and you get one of three free epic straw packages delivered to your door.

It turns out, though, that these straw devices may actually have been invented for nefarious reasons. Those thumb-wielding Cravendale cats, last seen getting up to no good with a milkman, just may be influencing the decision to have milk-thieving devices at the ready in London households. Eerie.

Watch the individual videos for the epic straws below:
The bottle burglar:

The cereal snaffler:

The secret slurper: