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Kellogg’s Tweet Shop Lets You Pay For Food With Social Currency

To help get the word out about its new foray into savory snacks, Kellogg’s has opened a dedicated store in London where Twitterers can trade tweets for treats.

Kellogg’s Tweet Shop Lets You Pay For Food With Social Currency

If Kim Kardashian can earn $10,000 for tweeting about a company, perhaps the rest of us schmoes at least deserve to earn a bag of chips for the same. Well, now we can.

The Tweet Shop is a retail outlet from Special K that opened this week in London, the brand’s first. Rather than money, the shop thrives on the social currency of its patrons. Created by U.K. agency Slice, the new shop was built to promote Special K Cracker Crisps; another first for the brand, a savory snack. Londoners near Soho can visit the shop from 9a.m.-5p.m. until Friday, September 28, pick out a form tweet from a menu of options, and walk out quenched. (Sample form tweet: “Special K has gone savory. 3 flavors to try–salt and balsamic vinegar, sweet chili, sour cream and chives #tweetshop #spons”)

These free chips will be sure to tide Twitterers over this week when they’re not smacking a political candidate or trying to win an Audi.

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