See Google Maps Images Transformed Into Vintage Postcards

Traditionally, Google Maps has been used for figuring out where we’re going, but one man has used the tool to replicate the looks of an analogue artifact designed to show others where we’d been.

Akos Papp, an art director for BBDO New York recently started the Tumblr Postcards From Above to show off the faux-vintage postcards he created with the mapping app. Each card features an aerial shot of a location, found online, which Papp then treats digitally, giving each piece a bleached-by-time faded look. The art director also adds little touches like postage stamps and rounded edges to complete the package.

“I’ve been looking at the stunning imagery of Google maps for a while now,” Papp says, “and I’ve been collecting the stills I liked. After a while I started to think how to share them with others. The format of postcards seemed like an appropriate way to do it, since they are the results of my virtual trips around the world. Also, I’m from Hungary, so I’ve been always inspired by the retro-industrial influence from over there.”

The resulting images are a warm reminder of the way we used to communicate, even if they do come from the heart of the system responsible for completely changing the way we communicate. As to whether the originator of this postcard-based project actually uses postcards, Papp adds: “I bought a bunch of them a year ago with the intention of sending them home. I already wrote most of them, but they are still on my desk waiting to magically get to a post office.”

Have a look through more of Papp’s handiwork in the slide show above, and on his tumblr.