Fraggles Stumble Upon Silly Creatures’ Music Ritual, Conducted By Ben Folds Five

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our felt friends in Fraggle Rock. Much like their Henson-cousins the Muppets once did, though, the Fraggles have chosen to make their return in a music video from a band lead by a nerdy-looking guy who wears glasses.

It’s also been a while since we’ve heard the piano-driven rock of Ben Folds Five, whose last album came out 13 years ago. In the reunited trio’s first new video, head Fraggle Gobo’s uncle Traveling Matt continues his adventures in Outer Space (aka Earth) by observing “a private gathering of the silly creatures” involving a musical ritual. As it turns out this gathering, a Ben Folds Five recording session, is taking place just above the Fraggles’ cavernous dwelling, causing the two groups’ paths to cross, delightfully.

Directed by Phil Hodges, the video features Rob Corddry as a cheesy, gold chain-sporting producer, and Anna Kendrick as a gum-snapping receptionist with an apparent soft spot for Fraggles. Nerdist Industries produced the video and premiered it on its YouTube channel, so its no surprise that Chief Executive Nerd Chris Hardwick couldn’t resist appearing alongside the beloved ’80s mainstays too.

Watch a behind the scenes video from the shoot below.