Parker Posey Shows You How to Accept an Emmy Like a Pro

Parker Posey would like to thank the Academy. More specifically, her acting coach character, J.A.N. (Just Act, Naturally), would like to teach others how to thank the Academy.

As Hollywood gears up for TV’s biggest night, the Primetime Emmys, a new video released today focuses on a single facet of the forthcoming event: acceptance speeches. In the digital short, Parker Posey stars as an eccentric, heavily made up acting coach is who specializes in prepping novice actors for their eventual moment to shine. Posey’s character, J.A.N., teaches her pupils how to literally jump through hoops, cry awkwardly, and name-drop like a pro. “All I have to do now is book a role, get nominated, and win,” enthuses one of J.A.N.’s students. For symmetry’s sake she also prepares students for the egg-on-my-face embarrassment of losing by rubbing eggs all of their faces, in both yolk and salad form.

The video was created by publicity agency PMK·BNC and the comedy team of Paulilu for Audi.

Of course, some might say that Parker Posey herself should prepare her acceptance speech for a possible nod in 2013 for her widely praised performance this past summer on Louis C.K.’s show, Louie.

The Primetime Emmys air on ABC, Sunday, September 23.JB