• 09.18.12

London Theater Brings In Ninjas To Enforce Movie Manners

Just be quiet during the movie or the ninjas will make you be quiet.

Last year, we learned how Jason Reitman and Patton Oswalt felt about people talking during movies. Now, as we exit the explosion-heavy summer movie season and look ahead to fall’s more heady fare, one theater is getting serious about maintaining quiet during screenings. Or at least as serious as you can get when ninjas are involved.


The Prince Charles theater in London has reportedly begun to employ volunteers dressed up in skintight zentai suits to stealthily patrol screenings for the price of a movie ticket. While there will be no martial artistry or burgling from these ninjas (probably), the volunteers are instructed to stop disruptive moviegoers from talking, texting, or being jackanapes in general–with mild, but efficient prejudice.

Only time will tell whether this method of bringing civility back to the cinema will actually work and catch on. Personally, I think that perhaps it’s a little too soon after the tragedy in Aurora to add anything that resembles a surprise assailant into the moviegoing experience. Then again, considering how unpleasant it is to have to decide whether to “shush” another individual, the prospect of having ninjas take care of it for you seems pretty compelling.

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