See Your Favorite Movie Scenes And Their Actual Locations–All At Once!

In New York City, fans can take in a Sex and the City tour, indulging in the opportunity to brunch where Carrie brunched, etc. In New Jersey, it’s The Sopranos. And there are even other such tours that aren’t based on early-2000s HBO shows. It seems that we have a natural desire to check out the places that served as background for some of our favorite filmed entertainment. Now there’s a website that’s taken the legwork out of it for you.

Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

FILMography is a blog from writer Christopher Moloney that plays host to images taken at the location of various movie scenes, some iconic and some delightfully obscure. Furthermore, these images aren’t merely static shots of the sites themselves; each of them has a still from the work in question neatly integrated into the image’s frame. Below you can see that the building facades featured in Weekend at Bernie’s over 20 years ago are pretty much exactly the same, putting many minds at ease.

Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

Like Weekend at Bernie’s, most of the films depicted on the site take place in New York. Have a look at some more of them in the slide show above.