• 09.12.12

Exit Through The GIF Shop: Banksy Gets Animated

Digital artist ABVH has reinterpreted several well-known works by subversive graffiti artist Banksy by turning them into animated GIFs.

Most of the best pieces by world’s most famous street artist Banksy, such as this recent Olympic pole vaulter, integrate their surroundings to create the illusion of motion. Now an artist of a different medium has found a way to give several Banksy projects even more of a sense of movement, by turning them into animated GIFs.


Serbian digital artist ABVH recently unveiled a series of animated GIFs that convert famous artworks by Banksy into moving images. Most of the six prominent pieces are relatively unchanged; “No Stopping Rat Sign,” for instance, still looks like a rat using a no parking sign like a hamster wheel and the “Kissing Coppers” seem only slightly further engaged in heavy petting. The biggest difference is in “Banksy Rat Mural,” however, which now shows the entire story arc of a painter riding a window-washer’s cart down the side of a building, only to be felled by the giant graffiti’d rat he’s there to paint over.

Have a look through all the GIFs in the slideshow above.

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