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7-Eleven May Tell You Who’s Going To Win The Election

Democracy, at your convenience.

7-Eleven May Tell You Who’s Going To Win The Election

Some people vote with their hearts, others with their wallets. Thanks to 7-Eleven, though, you can now vote with your coffee cup too.

The convenience store chain has teamed up with satirical news niche-owners The Onion, encouraging customers to express excitement about their chosen candidates through the 7-Election 2012 campaign. In participating stores, both Obama- and Romney-decorated coffee cups are now available, turning a morning pick-me-up into an official endorsement. 7-Election is even tallying the results, which are browsable state-by-state (Obama is ahead overall). This isn’t the first time the convenience chain has turned its coffee cups into polling devices–and not for nothing, the 2008 results predicted Obama’s win.

As part of the partnership with The Onion and its “War for the White House” coverage, the 7-Election site also includes some funny political-themed videos. Also, Free Coffee Day (September 28th) is fast approaching, which should be a day of revelations, depending on which coffee cup your friends and coworkers choose.

Watch one of the videos created by The Onion below.

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