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The (Intentionally) Saddest Pinterest Page In The World

UNICEF creates a page for Ami Musa, a young girl from Sierra Leone, to bring her “pinnable” interests and ours into sharp relief.

The (Intentionally) Saddest Pinterest Page In The World

As we’ve seen before, since its inception in 2010, Pinterest has inspired its fans to find many different uses for its social photo-sharing functionality. But what remains consistent about Pinterest is its position as a consummate want-generator–a place where all our first-world material desires are shared and celebrated.

UNICEF has turned that naked consumerism on its head with a Pinterest board that showcases a human being’s most basic wants.

The world humanitarian organization and agency Weapon 7 recently created a page on Pinterest that ostensibly reflects the wishes and hopes of 13-year old Sierra Leona resident, Ami Musa. While that concept may sound like The Onion-style satire, in execution it’s anything but. While lots of Pinterest pages are chockablock with decorating ideas, wardrobe aspirations, and fantasy meals to cook, young Ami’s reminds us that for some people, running water alone would be a dream come true. Pinterest users can repin her posts and click on any of them to donate.

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