Aubrey Plaza, Patricia Clarkson Get Dressed, Provocatively, in Miu Miu’s Latest

The act of putting on clothes is also referred to as “getting ready” for a reason. More than just covering one’s body, donning an outfit requires a mental makeover so that the mood matches the gear. The latest installment of Miu Miu’s “Women’s Tales” series focuses on those quiet moments of preparation that precede a night out.

Acclaimed Iranian-American screenwriter and director Massy Tadjedin was brought on board to shoot “It’s Getting Late,” the fourth entry in the series. In it, we meet four women, played by an international who’s who of actresses, all wrapping up their diverse daytime activities before unwittingly heading to the same place (a Zola Jesus concert).

Patricia Clarkson watches His Girl Friday-type footage in an editing bay, introspectively; Rinko Kikuchi appears to have a conversation as severe as her haircut; Gemma Arterton gives her young daughter a bath; and finally, Aubrey Plaza is engaged in some coffee shop blogging.

All of the women (including Zola Jesus herself) get ready for the night in their own revealing way, not unlike during the opening titles of The Royal Tenenbaums. This isn’t the first time recently that a designer used four actors of varying ages in a Prada-related film, though.

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