• 05.28.14

Ikea Launches 2013 Catalog With Colorfully Bizarre New Music Video

The latest from Ikea, “Bright Shiny Colors,” has those in spades, with a weird music video charting a bland apartment’s magical, partially animated transition into multi-hued glory.

Ikea is encouraging fans to dive into the home furnishing company’s new 2013 catalog, with an ad that shows a woman doing just that.


In “Bright Shiny Colors,” the new ad created by agency Mother London, a woman in a white unitard goes down the rabbit hole of Ikea‘s catalog, where she’s greeted by giant singing puppet lips. The woman’s colorful, dancey adventures within the world of the catalog have the feel of a music video, where people have been slipping in and out of other realms since at least the 1980s. The spot’s track, “Bright Shiny Colors,” is a reimagined Shirelles song, from 99 Trees.

The “Bright Shiny Colors” campaign revolves around the 2013 IKEA Catalog, which now includes a host of interactive content. By using the Ikea app, readers can access hidden images, demo films, and 3-D content. Just as long as they’re careful not to fall in, which is known to happen from time to time.

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