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Don’t Just LOL, Adopt A Cat With “Catroulette”

“Catroulette” harnesses the Internet’s cat video obsession and Chatroulette’s powers of random discovery in the service of cat adoption.

Don’t Just LOL, Adopt A Cat With “Catroulette”

Yesterday, we met some surly cats who appear hellbent on making trouble for humans. In order to restore balance to the world’s karmic energy, let’s take a look at some cats who could use help from us humans, and might be getting it in an innovative way.

Named and modeled after the well-known internet encounter platform, Catroulette is a hub for cute kitten footage, with a good cause built in.

What users see isn’t the typical cute cat fare, though. Just as Chatroulette did, the new site appears to surface random webcam footage in real time, with a Next button leading to more adorable cats. However, the major difference is that Catroulette is actually playing videos from cat adoption agencies.

Catroulette was created by agency Famous, Brussels for a cluster of Belgian cat adoption and animal rights groups, such as Kitten in Nood and Gaia. If you click on the “Adopt” button for any given cat, its information appears onscreen, along with a warning not to adopt on a whim unless you can actually care for this new friend.

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