• 09.04.12

Mitsubishi Identifies Your Most Pretentious Facebook Friends, Runs Them Over

A Facebook app designed to bust bragging.

Whether it’s a cheeky humble brag or the less self-aware brag brag, we all have our own least favorite forms of social media showboating (mine: “Just had a great meeting with [insert vaguely impressive or quietly meaningful name here]).


Mitsubishi and agency 180 L.A. are putting this widely acknowledged yet unceasing behavior under the banner of “pretension” and giving you the chance to (symbolically) crush it.

180’s “Unpretentious” campaign supporting the affordable Mitsubishi Outlander Sport revolves around a message of democratized design–a TV spot asserts that great design should be “inclusive not exclusive.” A companion Facebook app, created in partnership with digital production company Tool, takes a more hands-on approach to those who would put on airs–it allows users to identify their most pretentious friends and then mow them down with the accessible ride.

The app analyzes your friends’ posts, picks out who it deems the worst offenders, and serves up a video showing their pretentious pics being smashed by a speeding Outlander (a trial run indicated that the app doesn’t look too kindly on trips to boats or trips to Cannes, which seems fair, but also depicted the SUV smashing into a photo of a friend cradling his newborn baby).

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Teressa Iezzi is the editor of Co.Create. She was previously the editor of Advertising Age’s Creativity, covering all things creative in the brand world.