Like Skyping With Your Future: Fenopalm Is An Interactive Palm-Reading App

Imagine how much more accurate most psychics would be if they got to sort through all the information available about you on Facebook. Watkins Books in London has basically made it possible.

Created by JWT London, Fenopalm is a new palm reading app for your iPhone that draws from the image of your hand, as well as social media, to determine what lies ahead. After using image recognition software to scan the user’s hand for palm lines and length of fingers, Fenopalm pulls up Facebook data to factor in all the pertinent details about day-to-day life.

The result is a custom interactive fortune-telling video with renowned palm reader and overall spiritual person, Swami Krishna. Once the app offers insight into your future, it also recommends some books and events, both through Watkins, that might be helpful along the way. I don’t need a video from Swami Krishna, though, to see that this app is going to do very well with fans of the mind, body, spirit-centered bookstore.