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The Guardian Asks: Which 6 Songs Would Form The Soundtrack To Your Life?

A new project by The Guardian asks users–and respected culture bloggers–about the songs that have defined them over the years to see what universal musical truths the data reveals.

The Guardian Asks: Which 6 Songs Would Form The Soundtrack To Your Life?

In the digital music era, where acquisition is as easy as a push of a button from anywhere, it’s hard to glean much information about a person from their music collection. Perhaps that’s why The Guardian, known in part for its diverse music coverage, is looking backward (and forward) to find out more about the music that shapes our lives.

Six Songs of Me is a data-fueled celebration of the music that has meant the most to us, created by London-based digital agency glue Isobar. Users visiting the website create playlists based on six questions about the music that has defined them over the years, questions that range from ‘What song takes you back to your childhood?’ right through to ‘What song would you have played at your funeral?’ While we might not be able to learn much about an individual from what’s on her iPod these days, a sampling like this one might yield some interesting findings.

Propelling this musical campaign further in the digital space is social media agency We Are Social, whom The Guardian tapped to drive participation. We Are Social is approaching influential culture bloggers, and asking them to divulge their own personal music histories by making Six Songs of Me playlists. Some of these bloggers will then offer their readers these songs on nostalgia-inducing vinyl records, along with a historical turntable apparatus on which to play them.

Watch a video of the Indie band Two Door Cinema Club, interviewed about their “Six Songs Of Me”

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