Three Words: Alexander Skarsgard GIFs

In the popular imagination, encounters with Alexander Skarsgard tend to end in one of two ways. Now, Calvin Klein has tapped that sexily dangerous persona, casting Skarsgard in its campaign for new men’s fragrance, Encounter.

In one masterful marketing stroke, Calvin Klein has lit a small handful of pop culture fires. First, simply recruiting Skarsgard, best known as hot-tempered vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood is an instant awareness generator.

Then they added GIFs. Alexander Skarsgard GIFs.

Vistors to can see a series of GIFs, featuring Skarsgard issuing smoldering looks while driving a storm-lashed highway, or caressing similarly scary/beautiful campaign co-star, model Laura Stone, and view a commercial and short film of same.

The campaign also benefits from a bit of extra frisson as many viewers are looking at Skarsgard’s appearance in it as some kind of paid audition for the film version of 50 Shades of Grey, a role for which his name has been bandied about. Because there’s all that smoldering, and, well, grey.

Perhaps Skarsgard should turn to his alter ego for advice on this one. Surely the viking Eric Northman would want nothing to do with the sexually insipid Shades.