Artist/Developer Casey Reas Creates A Reflective Stage Show For Yeasayer’s Tour

One way for bands to get concert audiences fully on their side is with blindingly awesome visuals on stage. From the looks of what we’ve seen so far, fans of psych-rock band Yeasayer headed to their new stage show are bound to get stars in their eyes, before hearing even one note.

Touring behind their recently released third album, Yeasayer worked with VICE/Intel’s The Creators Project and conceptual artist and developer Casey Reas to create a memorable on-stage environment that would gel with the band’s synth-assisted groove-heavy sound. The result is a clean but complex system of triangular mirrors that look like they’re melting, combined with cool lighting and projected imagery in the background to make for a continuously changing environment.

Putting it all together proved to be a massive collaboration with many parties involved. “It started with Ciel [Hunter, creative director of The Creators Project], Jason Foster from [the band’s management company] We Are Free, and Chris Keating from Yeasayer and myself passing around images and ideas for a few months. Once I developed a set of concrete ideas, I had a great session with Chris Keating where we more clearly defined the visual elements: mirrors, signal towers, faceted set elements. Moving forward, there was an open dialog with everyone involved; the best ideas remained and others were cut.”

Others were soon brought in to help achieve the collective vision. Architecture studio Aranda\Lasch designed the sculptures, digital artist Yoshi Sodeoka produced the collection of videos projected during the show, and Aaron Meyers came up with a custom computer vision performance system.

Look for the band through the fall. Watch a video of Yeasayer’s Chris Keating commenting on the stage, and a Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performance below.