Real Men (Including Henry Rollins and Several Baltimore Ravens) Don’t Hurt Animals

Officer Dan Waskiewicz, a Baltimore cop who ended up adopting the potentially dangerous dog he was assigned to put down, is the latest to be included in a city-sponsored campaign to discourage animal abuse. The image of Waskiewicz getting a big slobbery kiss from Bo joins an equally adorable collection of ads that have been rolling out in Baltimore over the last few months.

The “Show Your Soft Side” campaign began with Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake’s Anti-Animal Abuse Commission, which was created in 2009 after a group of teenagers set a young pit bull terrier on fire in West Baltimore. As an antidote to the macho image of notorious dog abuser Michael Vick, the campaign spotlights some traditionally tough guys who happen to get a little mushy around their animal friends. The list of Baltimore-bred bros in the ads includes football players, MMA fighters, and even Henry Rollins, whose shadow could probably kick your ass.

Watch a video from the campaign below and look through the ads in the slideshow above.