Smack a Candidate Lets You Tweet-slap Romney Or Obama

With less than three months until voting time, the 2012 presidential election is turning into a real slugfest. Fittingly enough, there is also a fake slugfest going on at Smack a Candidate.

Agency Ignition recognized all the ill vibes in the air this (and, really, every) election season and decided to channel them into an online platform that serves as a crowdsourced political version of Celebrity Death Match. On the first day of the Republican National Convention on Monday, August 27th, users will be able to participate in the opening round of Smack-a-Candidate’s clash of the political titans. All it takes is a tweet about which contender could use a thorough smacking-down, and why, and a hashtag specifying (#SmackRomney, #SmackObama), and the fight is on.

Subsequent bouts will continue beyond the RNC, straight through to election day, November 6th. See the website for calendar dates.