Volvo Promotes Trucks Via Insane Tightrope Stunt

The word Volvo doesn’t necessarily conjure images of the kind of death-defying stunts normally restricted to the Fast and Furious franchise and high school student dreams. It appears as though the company may be trying to change up its safety-first persona.

With the help of Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, Volvo staged an impressively suspenseful stunt to demonstrate the control and steadiness of its FH series of trucks. On a closed off stretch of highway in Vrgorac, Croatia (exotic locales!), a very confident woman decided of her own free will to leave the relative safety of the ground to walk across a rope strung between two Volvo trucks.

Our intrepid stuntwoman (Faith Dickey) has to walk across the slackline while the two trucks race toward separate tunnels.

It’s an abrupt reminder of how terrifying it can be to watch real people do real stunts on moving vehicles.JB