• 08.16.12

Condi Rice Turns Model In New NFL Campaign

Find out who wore what (and for what team) in Grey New York’s latest print campaign for the NFL’s women’s apparel line.

With stuff getting real on the campaign trail between Presidential (and Vice Presidential) candidates, it might be easy to overlook the fact that U.S. Secretaries of State have been killing it lately: First, Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton texts and dances her way into the selectively welcoming arms of Internet culture and now Condoleezza Rice is modeling for the NFL. Where’s your game at, Madeleine Albright?


In a series of print ads from Grey New York for the NFL’s women’s apparel line, Rice, along with a handful of other high-profile women, rock their favorite teams’ jerseys and declare “It’s My Team.” Serena Williams, tennis phenom, is all hair and attitude in a deep V-neck tee; model (and the “It’s My Team” tag is particularly relevant here–she’s a partner in the Miami Dolphins organization), jewelry designer, and Donald Trump’s better half Melania Trump shows love for the New York Jets (and Christian Louboutin); and Rice now has well-lit, sassy proof of her die-hard support of the Cleveland Browns in a fitted No. 16 jersey of wide receiver Josh Cribbs.

Although there’s a noticeable chunk of nepotism throughout the campaign with five out of the 21 featured models being daughters or wives of team owners, there are those refreshing curveballs thrown in including fashionista audiophile D.J. Kiss and up-and-coming singer Juliet Simms. Names and titles aside, what really stands out in the campaign is the tagline “It’s my team”–a message that chips away at preconceived notions of true football fandom being reserved solely for men.

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