• 08.16.12

Steven Meisel Shoots Diesel’s Cinemagraphic Ad Campaign

For its Fall/Winter 2012 collection, Diesel turned to a high-profile fashion photographer to shoot a series of ads as cinemagraphs.

Shot by innovative fashion photographer Steven Meisel, Diesel’s “Screen Tests” campaign features pouty, attractive, young people (surprise!) posing as though they’re auditioning for a movie. Although these models may or may not have landed movie roles yet, they are, in fact, in moving pictures–the ads are rendered as cinemagraphs (similar to GIFs, but while GIFs are based on a sequence of images, cinemagraphs are often based on still photographic images manipulated to create a more localized, subtler effect). A dude holding a mic stand might decide to do some Steven Tyler moves with it, a girl’s hair may begin blowing all of a sudden; such is the magic of cinemagraphs.


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