Axe Prepares to Unleash Chaos in Paradise–But First, The Supplies

Here’s your fun fact of the day: Axe has “its very own” island in the Caribbean. And what exactly might a bro-centric body spray brand do with a Caribbean island? Pretty much what you’d expect.

As the next element to the larger campaign promoting the his and hers scent Anarchy, Axe is holding a Facebook contest in the U.K. that will give seven winning fans and their plus ones an island party holiday. And how is Axe, known across the pond as Lynx, spreading the good word of good times? Pretty much how you’d expect.

In the one-minute spot “Supplies,” created by agency BBH London and directed by Tim Godsall, a speedboat armada of all things awesome (or at least all things awesome in the Axe universe) powers down the cerulean seas of the Caribbean to a soundtrack fit for any action movie scene where sh*t’s about to get real.

Bartenders, masseuses, pizza delivery guys, and barely-clad girls pillow fighting (oh, Axe) are all en route to the Chaos Island as opposed to already ripping it up all kinds of crazy–a move that merely suggests the possibilities of what an Axe vacay could be like. And you were just gonna bring sunscreen.