• 08.14.12

Stride Gum Takes a Page from Apple’s Marketing Handbook In New Spoof Campaign

Agency Wieden+Kennedy London creates a wickedly accurate parody of an Apple campaign for the launch of Stride’s new Mintacular flavor.

Stride Gum Takes a Page from Apple’s Marketing Handbook In New Spoof Campaign

It’s all there: the stark white background, the self-congratulatory music, the docu-style interviews with earnest men spewing buzzword-laced effusions–the telltale components of an Apple product launch video, but with Mintacular gum instead of an actual Apple product.


Promoting its new flavor of gum–endorsed by snowboarder Shaun White!–Stride’s spot-on parody is a welcome rib of Apple’s knack for delivering technological marvels with a minimalist touch that still allows for plenty of pomposity.

“I’ve always believed that real innovation sits at the crossroads of technology and art, where intelligence and simplicity combine to create something that’s truly magical: intelligicity–and that’s exactly what Mintacular is,” extols Scot Samson, “vice executive senior president of sports gum ideation and development” at Stride (“Jamie Gill-Sans” is also featured in the video).

However, what good is an Apple spoof without enveloping the launch of a product in a shroud of tantalizing ambiguity and sparking rampant speculation from consumers?

Leading up to the debut of the two-and-a-half minute spot, a cryptic billboard sprung up in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood on August 1 with only the date “08.13.12” printed in a very recognizable font style that undoubtedly left passersby guessing about the iPhone 5–that is until an image of America’s favorite snow blazing ginger and his new flavor of gum replaced the date.

As a ready source of comparison to see just how dead on Stride really was, Apple’s much viewed video for the release of the new Macbook Pro is below.

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