In the Future, Advertising For Robots Will Probably Look Like This

Robots: can’t live with them (yet) and maybe you shouldn’t?

There’s just something quietly menacing about the image of a stormtrooper-ish robot in the company of children, feeding ducks with breadcrumbs. If robots functioning as helpers in everyday life is a reality we’re going to have to face, though, so too is advertising for those robots. The ad campaign for the forthcoming indie film Robot and Frank offers us a laudably realistic depiction of what that might look like.

Created by the film’s first-time feature director, Jake Schreier, the fake ad campaign launched on August 8th on the Robot and Frank Tumblr. It features several ads promoting the adult human-size VGC-60L robot that assists Frank Langella’s character in the film. The ads show how the robot can not only look after your children, but also do your grocery shopping and even teach granny how to dance. You know, just like she would definitely feel comfortable doing.

New images will continue popping up until the film’s release on August 17th. Have a look at the first four in the slideshow above, and watch the preview below.