A Fun “Counting Song” For Children Whose Spirits Need Some Early Crushing

Children do have their share of challenges–like, say, learning how to count. For the most part, though, they tend to grow up shielded from the unfathomable sadness of adult problems by an invisible knowledge-forcefield. One way to shatter that forcefield would be by walking in on one’s parents having sex. Another less gross, but equally disturbing way would be to watch British comic performer Adam Buxton‘s not-really-a-kid’s video, Counting Song.

Created by British animator Cyriak, whose mind-bending work often seems plucked right out of the Internet’s cerebral cortex, Buxton’s Song starts off as an earnest children’s ode to counting. A blue creature who looks like a walking Speak & Spell travels down a circular street singing, while an anthropomorphic sun bops along in the sky. About a third of the way through, though, the tone shifts. Once the singer admits that counting is really only lots of fun “when you’re four,” he begins enumerating some of the less fun things adults have to use counting to keep track of, and things spiral wonderfully out of control from there.

The video was made for Buxton’s Sky Atlantic show, BUG. Watch another video from the show below.