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Finally, An App That Tells You How Much Ryan Gosling’s Worth

A group of creatives at Deutsch L.A. developed an addictive guessing game that reveals how much money certain celebrities are worth. Prepare to be both amused and depressed.

Finally, An App That Tells You How Much Ryan Gosling’s Worth

They say it’s what you have on the inside that determines your worth. But sometimes you just want to know what people have inside the bank. Specifically, famous people.

A group of creatives and producers at Deutsch LA were especially interested in discovering the net worth of certain celebrities, and they thought others might be too. As a result, they created High Rollaz, The Net Worth Guessing Game.

It’s a site and mobile app that asks users to guess the size of the wads of a series of boldface names. The range of celebrities includes models, musicians, politicians, authors, actors, and athletes–there’s even a cameo appearance from agency chairman, Donny Deutsch. A team of four within the agency–Hassan Elzein, Marcus Silva, Trevor O’Brien and Luis Aguiluz–built the game in less than two weeks (with another agency creative, Jason Pickar, providing the app’s distinct vocal stylings).

Some of the revelations will surprise and delight you, but most will probably just make you a little bummed out, considering the state of your own finances.

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