McDonald’s Wants You to Appear In Its Olympics Ads

One of the reasons the Olympics has such enduring appeal is that although the games’ athletes are on another physical plane than the rest of us, those fans watching from home can still see something of themselves in the competitors. Now, if McDonald’s has anything to say about it, fans just might see their actual selves in the ads for the Olympics too.

As part of the company’s “We All Make The Games” campaign, created by Leo Burnett, McDonald’s U.K. is adding user-generated content–and fans–to its ads to give them a more personal feel.

The campaign, which launched in late June, had already focused on the different kinds of fans who supported the games–print ads and a previous spot celebrated the likes of “The You-Shoulda-Been There-er” and “The Edge of Seat Leaner.” Now, a new spot directed by Moxie Pictures’ Luke Franklin and Neil Gorringe incorporates real fans into a re-edited spot called “We’re All Making The Games.” Over a very downtempo version of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” the ad uses the same rhyming format of the previous ad to describe accompanying video of real spectators enjoying the games in their own unique ways.

British fans could also upload photos of themselves (and fellow Olympics-obsessed buddies) onto a Facebook app and possibly join the 60 odd users who’ve already been featured in outdoor ads around London.

Over 20,000 active users joined McDonald’s Facebook App in July, and some of the content they’ve submitted will end up in a third spot, set to air during the Closing Ceremony.

Watch the previous ad in the campaign below.