• 08.02.12

The Olympics’ Funnest Event So Far: It’s Dangleboris!

When the Mayor of London dangles helplessly from a zipline wire with flags in his hands, clearly it’s the Internet’s time to shine.

We are living in a golden age of interactive media; the age of Sad Keanu, Strutting Leo, and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. If something even slightly funny happens in public, it will be turned into a meme faster than you can say “Scumbag Steve.” So when something as public as London Mayor Boris Johnson’s double flag-waving zipline malfunction occurs, as it did on August 1, you can count on an extreme and expeditious Internet response.


In what could potentially be the most uniting moment of the Olympics to date, the whole world collectively laughed at Mayor Johnson as he dangled helplessly from the wire. Some did more than just laugh, however. A group of creatives from agency BBH London immediately began producing and collecting photoshopped images of the Mayor on a tumblr called #dangleboris. Quick-witted users brought their A-game, creating various tableaux that alternately envision Mayor Johnson dangling off of a clock tower hand, King Kong’s fist, and God’s finger in the Creation of Adam from the Sistine chapel ceiling. The photoshop quality ranges from amateur to immaculate, but the funny factor is pretty steady.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. His next book, Away with Words, is available June 13th from Harper Perennial.