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Mos Def Channels Muhammad Ali in Louis Vuitton’s Striking Spots

“Dream” and “Word” are the latest installments of Ogilvy Paris’ work for the luxury brand that combines the talents of rapper Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def) and artist Niels Shoe Meulman.

Mos Def Channels Muhammad Ali in Louis Vuitton’s Striking Spots

It’s a battle of self-expression between two artistic titans hailing from audio and visual disciplines with Muhammad Ali’s iconic verses serving as their muse. Rapper/actor Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def) recites Ali’s famous rhymes from the Rumble in The Jungle in spoken word style, evoking the true swagger of the champ while graffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman brushes calligraphic words around Bey’s performance.

As part of its overarching “Core Values” campaign created by agency Ogilvy Paris, Louis Vuitton has released a series of spots spearheaded by Canadian production house Steam Films that, simply put, is poetry in motion and sound. Bey’s distinctive voice blends with Meulman’s calculated strokes in a boxing ring set in stark shadows and light with an original soundtrack layered atop arresting sound design.

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