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“Medal Count” Boils Olympics Down To Hardcore Stats

Because in the end, some of us only need to know who won what.

“Medal Count” Boils Olympics Down To Hardcore Stats

The Olympic Games represent an international showcase of men and women working at the peak of their abilities. Those competing perform acts of such uncommon grace, strength, and agility, they elevate the human body itself into a transcendent work of art. And for a few weeks, nations are united in a peaceful celebration of that art. Right then. But who took home the gold?

Some people are less interested in watching the games than they are in simply knowing the outcome. Either that, or they just don’t have time. In any case, what the bottom line-minded do have now, though, is Medal Count, the only non-narrative Olympics refresher you’ll ever need. Created by Mother New York‘s web publishing arm, Animal New York, Medal Count dispenses with the back story and just serves up a steaming bowl of stats. Anyone not wanting to wade through social media noise to find out how many medals their country won need look no further.

The site also offers a number of different ways to sort and view, either by country or by medal type. They also post listings of games coming up on TV, in case you ever do decide to tune in, as well as relevant articles. Advanced-level Olympic-obsessives can even set the site to emit an audio alert every time a particular country scores a medal.

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