Porsche Makes Direct Mail Personal…And A Little Bit Creepy

Those familiar with Toronto will know that neighborhoods like Rosedale, Forest Hill and the Bridle Path are the toniest zip codes in the city. Those hoods are the land of gold-gilt driveway gates, Olympic-sized pools, and entrance foyers the size of some mid-sized Manhattan apartments. The perfect target market for a local Porsche dealership.

Agency Lowe Roche conceived a campaign to bring Pfaff Porsche directly to the well-heeled residents of Toronto by putting a new spin on that old standard: direct mail.

To support the campaign line “It’s Closer Than You Think,” the agency loaded a production van with desktop printing gear, parked a gleaming white Porsche 911 in front of monster homes and created custom direct mail pieces that made it look like the homeowner’s (presumable) dream car was parked out front.

The idea may seem a little bit creepy, what with a marketer stalking and photographing your house with the aim of having you drop well over 100 Gs on a vehicle and all. But it seems the targeted didn’t mind: 32% of those who received the piece of mail booked a test drive online, a remarkable result for direct.

As for me, a Toronto resident, jealousy is a more fitting way to describe my reaction to the campaign. The owner of a modest home in a normal neighborhood, it appears I’m outside of the target demo for high-end automotive dreaming.RAF