• 07.24.12

See the First Instagrammed Movie Poster Campaign

An experimental Canadian film has crowdsourced its marketing plan, resulting in 87 separate posters, all contributed by Instagramers Montreal.

It’s hard to take a film’s director at face value when he or she mentions in interviews that old saw about the setting of the film being, itself, a character. In the case of the new Canadian film, J’Espère Que Tu Vas Bien, however, it’s much easier to take such a claim seriously; not only does Montreal factor heavily into the story here, it’s also responsible for the film’s marketing plan.


J’Espère Que Tu Vas Bien, whose title translates to I Hope You’re Well, consists of one continuous, fully improvised adventure through the streets of Montreal. As such the film inspired a similar journey to generate material for its marketing efforts. Montreal-based filmmakers David La Haye (who also stars in the film) and Jay Tremblay teamed up with advertising agency Taxi on the project. Together they convinced the collective Instagramers Montreal to go for a “photowalk” along a route that features locations from the film.

The photowalk took place in January and resulted in 87 separate posters for the film, corresponding with the 87-minute runtime. These went up on display at Montreal’s Excentris movie theater for the film’s late- June premiere. The effort is thought to be the world’s first movie poster campaign to utilize Instagram.

Have a look through some of the 87 posters in the slideshow above, and watch a teaser trailer for the movie below.

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