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Quick: WTF Is Your SXSW Panel??

It’s panel picking time. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on selling your SXSW Interactive idea, Deutsch’s new tool can help.

Quick: WTF Is Your SXSW Panel??

A fairly broad segment of our audience is doubtless laboring today over a certain annual chore–formulating their can’t-miss SXSW panel idea.

SXSW has become a more popular stop on the ad conference circuit and for the music and film types, well, it’s always been a thing. And, unless you’re an internet celebrity, in order to get on stage at SXSW Interactive, you have to bootstrap it. The conference uses a somewhat-crowdsourced system called Panel Picker to determine which people and topics will get stage time at the event. Panel hopefuls submit ideas which are then voted on by the SXSW-going public. That input, combined with curatorial hand of the event’s advisory board, determines conference programming.

But WHAT is your panel going to be. And HOW will you articulate your idea on geolocation apps/cloud dating/pivots/social payments to convince a tough audience to give it the thumbs up?

Enter WTF Is MY SXSW Panel, a product of the invention strategy team at agency Deutsch L.A.

Simply visit the site and click away until you find the right combination of agile development and disruption. And then, be careful, because when you select your panel you are immediately taken to the SXSW Panel Picker page. So, make sure that “APIs And Warby Parker: A Love Story” is the idea you want to roll with.

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