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Nature, New York City Thoroughly Explored in Sweeping New Sigur Rós Video

Sigur Rós returns with a majestic video for one of their many unpronounceable songs, the latest edition of the Valtari mystery film experiment.

Nature, New York City Thoroughly Explored in Sweeping New Sigur Rós Video

The previous Sigur Rós video took a look at drug indulgence through the eyes of a fully naked Shia LaBeouf. In the latest video from the band’s most recent album, however, all that’s exposed is the sweeping beauty of nature and the gleaming glass and steel that populates New York City.

“Ég Anda,” which was directed by Ramin Bahrani of the acclaimed film, Chop Shop, is the latest installment in Sigur Rós’ Valtari Mystery Film Experiment. Following the release of their latest album, Valtari, the band gave a dozen directors free reign to make whatever kind of video they dared for any song on the album. Bahrani’s video for “Ég Anda” is actually the second to opt for this song. It’s easy to see why, too: the atmospheric anthem builds to a powerful crescendo that seems custom built for grand visuals. This version does not fail on that score, filling the frame with all kinds of animals going from repose to alertness, and contrasting it with famous Manhattan landmarks that will never budge at all.

See director Ragnar Kjartansson’s version of “Ég Anda” below.

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