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Is This Adidas Ad Invasive Or Awesome?

When creepy gets creative, does it cease to be creepy? You be the judge in Adidas’ campaign to push team AFC Ajax’s new soccer kit.

Is This Adidas Ad Invasive Or Awesome?

Once you’re introduced to Adidas’ marketing stunt to promote AFC Ajax’s 2012/2013 jersey, your changing room experience will forever be wracked with paranoia–and eager anticipation! But mostly paranoia. Perhaps more details would help to see why this campaign is such a toss up between creepy and creative:

At the Ajax Experience in Amsterdam, the club shop for all things related to the Dutch soccer team, fake fitting rooms were built (Creepy: 0/Creative: 1) with hidden cameras installed (Creepy: 1/Creative: 1), and a slide-away wall containing a two-mirror (Creepy: 6,500/Creative: 1). Sounds like creepy most certainly reigns supreme, right? Well, if you’re a diehard Ajax fan, then what happens when that wall with the two-way mirror slides open could tip the scales indefinitely with “creative”: On the other side are Ajax players waiting to give you an uproarious cheer and an impromptu party with a DJ and the whole shebang as soon as you slip on the team’s jersey (Creepy: 6,500/Creative: 6,501).

So it seems as if Adidas’ Ajax Experience prank, created by agency Iris Amsterdam, was a smash and all is right with the world. Those fans were surely stoked to meet their idols–you know, after they got over the fact that said idols just watched them undress through a two-way mirror in front of a room full of even more strangers (Creepy: 6,500/Creative: 6,501/Embarrassing: 6,502).

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